Ways To Protect Dogs From Developing Canine Cancer

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Cancer affects humans and animals alike. The pain of having to go through something like that or to watch a beloved one fighting cancer is just excruciatingly heart wrenching. Be it a human member of your family or a canine with four paws and a wagging tail, no one deserves to go through it.Just like in the case of humans, cancer also claims the majority of deaths in the pet world. Dog tumor and other forms of canine tumor can be very easily developed by your pet by being exposed to any of the following carcinogens.


•    Smoke
•    Sunlight
•    Radiation
•    Hormones
•    Chemical Exposure
•    Failure of Immune System
•    Certain Carcinogenic Viruses

Of all the types of animal cancer, canine tumor is the most common with hundreds of varieties found in over millions of individuals among domesticated pet species. As a matter of fact, in retrospect, one in every four dog is very likely to develop dog tumor and die from its effects if not given the proper treatment at the earliest.

Despite the numerous risk factors of tumor faced by your dog, there are a lot of steps that you can take to prevent your dog from developing any such nasty illness and have a longer life.

1.    Visit The Vet – It is very crucial for you to visit your vet with your dog no matter how much drama your dog puts up to avoid it. Regular cancer checkups and screenings can help in detecting the disease sooner, and the sooner it is discovered the sooner it can be treated. This improves the chances of your dog beating out the disease by many folds. For dogs over the age of 7 years, a regular visit to the vet is recommended every 6 months. For dogs below that age, a yearly visit is fairly precautions.
2.    Exercise – Exercises are necessary for dogs to lead a healthy life. Statistics show that dogs that were made to exercise regularly showed immunity to most of the diseases including cancer. Also, obese and overweight domesticated pets are more likely at the risk of developing cancer than their healthier counterparts.
3.    Prevention of Chemical Exposure – One of the most crucial methods to prevent canine tumor in your dog is to avoid your dog’s exposure to any chemically dangerous products. Using natural herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides in your house and garden can lower the risk of your dog developing chemical borne cancer. Also, you must make sure to use natural bathing and grooming products on your dog like shampoos, flea conditioners etc.
4.    Spaying and Neutering – Spaying and neutering can prove to be a very effective way to prevent the development of tumor in your dogs. Spaying will reduce the chances of breast cancer in females wile neutering will reduce the chances of testicular cancer to zero in their male counterparts.
5.    Avoid Sunburns – Just like humans, dogs, too, can develop cancer by overexposure to sunlight. While most of the dogs are not at risks owing to their fur, light and short haired dogs are not completely risk-free. Try applying a little sunscreen on your dog’s nose and ears before letting the out in the sun.

Also, try to avoid that your dog drinks water from street puddles or any other unsanitary places as they can have cancer causing agents in them. Change your dog’s drinking water daily and make sure the bowl is clean. For more information visit Our Website


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