Study On Different Types of Dog Tumors

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Tumors are quite common in dogs in the middle and older years. Some of these tumors are benign in nature while some turn out to be cancerous in nature. The benign tumor is not dangerous and does not spread to the other parts of the body nor do they invade the surrounding tissues. On the other hand, the cancerous tumor is fast growing and the cells multiply at an alarming rate and spread to the other parts of the body. Having knowledge about the common dog tumors and their possible locations along with signs and symptoms will go a long way in possibly saving your pet’s life.

Dog Tumors

You should always remember that early detection is the key to a relatively successful treatment. Hence if you notice any abnormal behavior, swelling or lump, you should immediately contact your pet’s vet. You should also keep in mind that all tumors are not visible in early stages especially those that originate in the internal organs. You can suspect a tumor only through the changes in daily routine pattern.Some of the commonly seen Dog Tumors are:

Lymphosarcoma or lymphoma: This is among the most commonly seen tumors in the dogs. This tumor affects the dogs of any breeds and at any age. Depending upon the location of the origin of the tumor, the signs and symptoms vary.

Peripheral lymphosarcoma: This is the most common form of lymphosarcoma and usually presents itself as an enlargement of the peripheral lymph nodes. The lymph nodes that commonly come under the attack are those in front of the shoulders, under the jaw and those behind the knees. These present to you as swollen glands and your dog may not show any other signs or symptoms.

Internal lymphosarcoma: These types of dog tumors affect the internal lymph nodes or similar tissues such as the spleen or the liver. These are usually detected quite late and the dog may show severe signs such as the uncontrolled diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain or even difficulty in breathing. If this tumor is left untreated, it is usually fatal.

Osteosarcoma: In the dogs, the most common type of the primary bone tumor is the osteosarcoma. Though it has propensity towards the front and the rear limb long bones, it can be seen in any bone such as the ribs and the skull. This tumor usually affects the giant dog breeds like the Great Danes. This tumor is very aggressive and spreads rapidly. Hence the most recommended treatment for these types of dog tumors is amputation that is followed by chemotherapy to kill the metastasized cells.

Skin cancer tumors: There are various types of skin tumors seen in the dogs, the most commonly seen being the melanoma and the squamous cell carcinomas.The melanoma is the tumor of the pigmented cells and behave differently depending upon which part of the dog’s body is affected. The squamous cell carcinoma usually develops inside the mouths of the dogs. The survival rate of the dog is strongly associated with the location of the tumor.

There are other types of dog tumors such as hemangiosarcoma, mast cell tumor, mammary carcinoma and apocrine gland carcinoma that are also quite commonly seen in the dogs that you should look out for. Visit Here: Angel Care Cancer Center


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