Everything You Should Know About Dog Cancer

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Animal cancer, especially dog cancer, is a very common disease which we are increasingly coming to hear of these days. According to experts, 50% of dogs develop cancer at the age of 10 years or above, but it is curable if detected in its early stages.

Animal Cancer CA

Dogs are among the most loved animals by human beings, so they always remain conscious about their health. These days, people take very good care of their dogs or pets. In spite of this, after the age of 10 years, cancer cells develop in their bodies, for which the reason could be genetic.

On research,it has been observed that some breeds are far more prone to cancers than others. So, no matter how much you take care of your dog, the chances of cancer incidence in your pet remains high. Symptoms of dog cancer in are nothing different from that inhuman beings. Both have similar signs. These signs are:

  • Wound that never heals
  • Lump in the body
  • Bumped parts
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Swollen bone and lameness

The above-listed signs are classic symptoms of dog cancer, but sometimes you may not see any symptom or they may be so small that you may not even notice it, but whatever the situation, if ever your dog falls sick or shows abnormal behavior, you must rush your pet to your nearest veterinarian for checkup. Besides this, regular dog checkup is highly recommended to all owners.Bladder cancer occurs in breeds that have a tendency of facing higher risks. Symptoms might not be visible before a minimal of six months.

Prevention is better than Cure

Animal cancer can be of any type. It could be skin cancer, oral cancer, mammary cancer, etc., but if you take all precautions, then you can easily prevent cancer in your dogs to great extent. Some common things which you can do to prevent cancer in your dog are listed below:

You can splay your dog, which will reduce chances of mammary cancer. Spaying should be done before your dog goes into heat for the first time. The root cause of mammary disease is hormonal changes, and spaying can prevent it.Oral cancer can be prevented by taking good care of your dog’s mouth and teeth. It should be regularly cleaned and brushed to avoid germs.

You must keep your dog clean with products recommend by doctors to clean their body. This may help in skin care prevention.Besides doing all this, it would be better if you identified early signs of cancer and get treatment on time. This is because dog cancer or animal cancer does not have any specific reason by which it can be prevented, thus one has to be alert towards their dogs’ health to avoid this deadly disease. For more information visit Our Website


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