Why Chemotherapy Is Not The Best Method To Treat Dog Tumor

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On discovering that your dog has tumor, you may have to deal with an array of difficult emotions. You might come across lots of people who feel closer to their dog than anyone else in their life. The reason for this is that your dog is by your side every day,providing you with constant support. Your dog will always love you. This is why as dog owner you have the responsibility to do whatever you can to treat tumor of your dog.

Cancer Dog

Your veterinarian might recommend chemotherapy, but you might still wish to investigate other options including alternative medicine. Here, we will explore basics of how chemotherapy is used to treat dog’s tumor. If you do opt for chemotherapy to treat your Dog Tumors, it could have side effects in the way that it could be too toxic for your dog. You will have to realize that many times chemotherapy will be used alone; in other cases, your vet may explore chemotherapy to treat your dog. Just like cancer in people, pet cancer treatment can be a long drawn process so you will need to take extra care of the nutrition and care about your pet more.

Treatment with chemotherapy is mainly employed when your Dog Tumors have metastasized. It could be possible to remove your dog’s tumor surgically if it has not spread to other parts of body. It could still be that the veterinarian may not recommend chemotherapy at first.If you have been advised to go in for chemotherapy, here are some things that you need to know in advance. The drugs that are used in chemotherapy attack Dog Tumors cells that are growing in your dog’s body. A major problem with the process is that it could damage even normal tissues and healthy cells in your dog’s body, and this can cause side effects.

Chemotherapy could harm your dog’s intestines. Your dog’s hair could be affected during the process. Your dog can’t simply wear wig for few months. This is why you will just have to deal with hair loss. Your dog’s hair should grow back normally when chemotherapy is over. There are dogs that develop diarrhea due to chemotherapy. It could be necessary to hospitalize them during this process.

It is via pills that chemotherapy is at times administered,and you can give these at home. Of course, in this case, you need to keep careful eye on your dog’s health and symptoms. There will be times when in order to treat your Dog Tumors, the process takes place through injections and this process may require your dog to stay in hospital. Your vet may recommend at least two rounds of chemotherapy.Last, but not the least, before you go about taking action to treat your Dog Tumors, you should educate yourself about various dog tumor treatment possibilities. Ask your vet for advice as long as your dog is undergoing it. For more information visit Our Website


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