Are Lipomas A Variety of Dog Tumors?

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As a dog lover, and most importantly, as the master of a delightful pet; you ought to be aware of a few of the following medical terms and terminologies. Proper Dog Tumors are pretty common, and it is not something that you are not aware of. However, the term lipoma and the concept related to the same may not be known to you. What are lipomas? What is the point of origin? Is it a form of canine cancer? It is important that you get a hang of the facts and answers. As you all know, that information helps draw the line of difference, and you can solve much of your problem with the backup support of information.

Canine Tumors Murrieta

A Particular Type

In this context, it is worth noting that Dog Tumors are of several kinds. Lipoma is one of the varieties of tumor. The subcutaneous layers of the skin are supposed to be the point of origin. In general, the lipomas show up as lumpy masses that are soft and partially mobile. The covering skin stands unaffected by the lipomas. That’s because the subcutaneous layer happens to be the point of origin. There are certain generic standpoints to consider. One such aspect relates to the possibilities regarding the development of multiple tumors.

The Characteristic Features

There are instances that are the exception, but, in general, one case of lipoma gives rise and incidence to multiple Dog Tumors. The developments may not be malignant in their nature, but you should be particular about ruling out the possibilities of malignancy. It is here that the expert intervention of a vet oncologist becomes mandatory. What does an oncologist do? Under such an event, the oncologist examines and evaluates each and every mass that has come to affect your dog. He makes it a point to undertake separate evaluation, for each and every development.

Importance of Assessment

There are cutaneous, as well as, subcutaneous masses that resemble lipomas. Here again, it is the vet who is supposed to determine the nature and type of the mass like development. There are plenty of cases of benign Dog Tumors, and so you have precious little to worry about each and every development that takes place. Infiltration lipomas in dogs are mostly benign, and you can easily have these surgically removed.

Points of Differences

It is important that you distinguish the lipomas from the liposarcomas. While the former is benign, the latter happens to be malignant in their nature. Incidentally, both include the terminological fold of the special Dog Tumors. However, what distinguishes the latter from the former is the rate of growth and metastasizing. Lipomas remain localized, but liposarcomas spread fast, harming and affecting the surrounding body parts including the respiratory system, bone, and the overlying skin. Talk to your vet about the symptoms that signify cancer. He or she will be able to assist you better.


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